Travel Ready

  I’m finally off to one of my favorite places…the airport!! Heading to what is starting to feel like my second home, San Diego. To get there though I must travel with the right bags and I am pleased with the ones I have selected for this journey. For this trip I went with the wonderful Kate Spade.  

  I had been looking for a backpack like this and that I liked for over a year and finally found it a month ago! I bought mine off of Bloomingdales website but unfortunately they don’t have it on the site anymore. You can though find it on Kate Spade’s website still. here: Kate Spade Classic Nylon Clay Backpack             

I knew I loved the bag from the pictures they showed online, but you never truly know if you will like it till you can put your own belongings in it and see how it feels. This trip being the first time I actually get to use it reassured my love for it. Not only does it have 3 zip compartments in the front it also has a zip compartment and 3 mesh compartments inside too. I take a lot of things with me while I fly and this backpack is able to hold all of it and then some. It is super light weight, it doesn’t even feel heavy with all of my things in it. Which out of curiosity I put all the same things I did in that backpack as I did in a normal school backpack and in the school backpack I didn’t have as much extra space, the backpack was bulging and stuck out more when you wore it and also felt heavy on the back. In the Kate Spade one even with all of my things in it it did not stick out and look overly packed and felt comfortable and light on the back. Also being black it won’t show dirt and will go with every outfit so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with anything. Being made of nylon too you don’t have worry about if you get caught in the rain or spill something on it because you can wipe it right off. If you are in need of a new backpack or are looking for that perfect backpack that goes with every outfit you could possibly wear while traveling I highly recommend this one. It helps give that outfit that polished look while holding everything you could think of inside. 

Now the purse! Unfortunately I don’t know the style name of it and I haven’t seen it on the Kate Spade website. I was lucky to have found it at a local resale shop where I live called Dechoes. I went into one of their stores looking for a couple of bracelets they had posted on Instagram but, unfortunately they were already sold by the time I got there. While I was looking around I saw behind the counter up high this army green and black purse just hanging there. Army green is one of my favorite colors and it is one of those colors that go with pretty much everything. So, I had to see it! It was in great shape, just had a few markings but aren’t super noticeable. It was originally around $430 but they had it for about $90!!! When I saw that price and that it still had the dust bag I was sold!! I’m in love with it. It is the perfect color to go with any outfit, it has a big main compartment so it holds all of my things and it is nicely worn in so it lays comfortably on my shoulder with its long strap. Probably one of my best findings so far. 

– Till next time 


5 thoughts on “Travel Ready

  1. I am starting to travel a lot more now and what I have realised, is that I HATE carrying a handbag it is so difficult to try an carry that an my suitcase. Your post has given me the best idea I thought about getting a rucksack, but thought they are all way to ugly. This Kate Spade one is beautiful gives me hope, I need to get myself a rucksack. I have loads of bags that go over the shoulder, but they are just too small to put all my travelling things.

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    1. Glad this post could help you with that. Backpacks are becoming really big fashionably. People now a days wear them as a everyday purse. The Kate Spade I would totally recommend because it holds a lot and is super comfortable but there are so many sizes and styles out there to choose from. Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Coach and Henri Bendel have some really nice ones too.


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