San Diego 

Unfortunately I am writing this post on the plane heading back home, but I guess the  adventure has to come to an end so a new one can begin. Of course this adventure was amazing, but how could it not be with amazing friends and great food. I’ve done a good amount of the touristy things in San Diego already so this trip was a more low key and hang out with friends kind of vacation. Which everyone can use that type of vacation in their life. One thing I do love about California is they have amazing food. For someone who has a gluten intolerance, like my self, they make it very easy to find places to eat at. Don’t get me wrong though I did splurge and have some gluten filled foods and it was totally worth it.

One of the fun filled nights we had was at the San Diego Fair. I haven’t been to a fair in I don’t know how long and man are those places filled with some crazy food that look delicious. At one of the stands they had Krispy Kream donut burgers and Krispy Kream donut chicken sandwich. My friends and I shared the chicken sandwich one, which was a fried chicken patty in the middle of a strawberry jam donut, it might not sound good but surprisingly it was very good.

   I would completely recommend trying one if you every got the opportunity too. Even if you didn’t like it at least you can tell people you had one. One thing they had a lot of was different types of deep fried foods. Deep fried pickles, bacon, bacon wrapped pickles, the normal deep fried Oreos, twinkies, but one that I hadn’t seen before and regret not trying is deep fried Starbucks and deep fried coffee. Yes, for you coffee and Starbucks lovers you can now have it deep fried. I don’t know how it is done, but it’s possible.

Now, everyone who goes to California always has to go to In-N-Out because of the hype of it and all. As for me tho, that’s not my must go to place. My must go to place in San Diego and was the first place I went to from the airport is Yellow Deli.   
Not only is it super cute and makes me feel like I’m in one of the Princess castle’s in  Disney World, but has amazing food too. They’re more on the natural healthy side and have gluten free options, but by the way everything tastes you would never even be able to tell that it’s more on the healthy side. I haven’t had one bad thing from there!
My friend and I shared the egg and cheese sandwich and I don’t think I’ve had anything that delicious before. We literally couldn’t stop talking about that sandwich and it’s sad to think I won’t be able to have it again till I go back to SD. The cinnamon roll too was amazing! If you ever go to San Diego I highly recommend going to Yellow Deli.

I know I said that California has a lot of gluten free options, but yet I haven’t really talked or showed any of them. By the San Diego airport is Little Italy.  
There they did have burger places with gluten free buns and a lot of cute Italian restaurants. When we went the Farmer’s Market happened to be going on and had one of the tents, I believe called Olive Oil Gluten Free Bakery, had some amazing deserts that were obviously gluten free and some even vegan and they didn’t taste any different.  

I know this post has been a lot about the food in San Diego, which that doesn’t even cover all the amazing places they have, but they do have beautiful beaches and amazing shopping too. Unfortunately this time around I wasn’t able to do much shopping. We did go to an outlet mall in Carlsbad that was outside and really nice. They had a lot of the stores anyone could want: Coach, Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Theory, Vans and many more. One of my favorite malls tho in SD would have to be in Orange County. It’s this big outside mall with all kinds of stores, good stores too. In the middles of the mall though they have a Farris wheel and is just beautiful at night all lit up.

Bottom line is if you like shopping, good food (good gluten free food too) and beautiful beaches with good weather then California is the place to visit. I know that description can fit a lot of cities that are by the ocean, but it’s just different with California and the only way to understand  for yourself is by going.

– Till next time


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