My New Obsession 

One thing I’m not very good at is mixing metals when it comes to my jewelry and outfits. I’m the type of person that if my clothes or handbag have gold hardware then my jewelry has to be gold or if the hardware is silver then all my jewelry has to be silver as well. Sometimes tho I might be in the mood to wear a specific piece of jewelry but the handbag that goes with the outfit has a different type of metal hardware then what I wanted to wear (a predicament I have been in one to many times). Now I have my solution to that problem! My new Seiko watch that I’m madly obsessed with that is a mix of silver and gold.  
I wear it with practically any outfit/look I’m going for minus when I’m wearing gym clothes. From edgy to chic…it’s just perfect!! I have barely even touched my other watches since I’ve gotten this one. Not only do I love the fact that it’s mixed metals, but I also love how it’s more on the dainty side. I have two Michael Kors watches (silver and rose gold) and I love them as well, but they are more on the bigger/bulky side. I sometimes feel like tho with watches that are more bulky that they don’t always fully compliment certain outfits. Sometimes you do need a more dainty watch to bring it all together!

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