New York Fashion Week

Anyone who loves fashion knows about Fashion Week (even though it lasts for about a month) and how exciting it is. My dream is to one day be able to attend Fashion Week and be able to see all the beautiful garments walk their way down the runway in person, till then I’ll just have to enjoy them through the internet and vicariously through other people on social media who do get to attend Fashion Week!

The first stop for Fashion Week is New York City where the first show started on Wednesday, September 9th and ended on Thursday, September 17th. I never knew how jam packed and crazy Fashion Week was till I found a schedule for it. Most days starting at 9am and going till at least 9 or 10 at night with multiple shows going on every hour all day. For the whole week there are well over 200 designers and shows going on. That just sounds like a tiring, but one amazing week for any fashion lover!

(If you’re interested in knowing the schedule for NYFW and all the different designers who had shows I highly recommend checking this site out. I already have it saved on my laptop. )

These are just some of my favorite outfits from a few of the designers from NYFW:


kate_spade_2 kate_spade_3 kate_spade_4 kate_spade_5 kate_spade_6 kate_spade


lauren_conrad lauren_conrad_2 lauren_conrad_3 lauren_conrad_4 lauren_conrad_5 lauren_conrad_6




tommy_hilfiger tommy_hilfiger_2 tommy_hilfiger_3 tommy_hilfiger_4 tommy_hilfiger_5 tommy_hilfiger_6 tommy_hilfiger_7 tommy_hilfiger_8


victoria_beckham victoria_beckham_2 victoria_beckham_3 victoria_beckham_4 victoria_beckham_5

Even though New York Fashion Week may be over, it’s still just the beginning for London Fashion Week!

– Till Next Time


4 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week

  1. I know I wish I could go to fashion week too someday. I think my favorites have been Kate spade’s fun patterns and Tommy Hilfiger’s bold colors and his show was pretty amazing as well (I watched so many videos).

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    1. Those two do have a lot of amazing outfits. I wish all the looks from the runway show would just appear in my closet now. I thought Marc Jacobs too had a really cool show and set up being at the theater and there was one show I unfortunately can’t remember which designer it was, but the models ended up doing a dance during their walk which I thought was fun and different.

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  2. I know it will be a lot of fun to be present at the arena for the fashion week, but I rather enjoy it through the internet than wade my way through the crowd


    1. You do have a point there!! Seeing some of the videos of the people leaving the show looks like mayhem and a panic attacking just waiting to happen. I would just be one of those people that don’t leave till everyone else is gone so I don’t get stuck in the crowd.


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