Milan Fashion Week

Week three of Fashion Week is completed and already off to the next city. Milan Fashion Week brought more designers and more amazing outfits to the runway for everyone to enjoy! The website I found very helpful for MFW was They of course have the schedule for the whole week of September 23rd to the 28th along with photos of the different looks from the runway shows and helpful information on the different collections for the season.

Here are some of my favorite looks from some of the different collections during Milan Fashion Week:

Dolce And Gabbana

dolce and gabbana dolce and gabbana2 dolce and gabbana3 dolce and gabbana4 dolce and gabbana7 dolce and gabbana8 dolce and gabbana9 dolce and gabbana10 dolce and gabbana5

Elisabetta Franchi 

elisabetta franchi elisabetta franchi2 elisabetta franchi3 elisabetta franchi4 elisabetta franchi5

Emporio Armani 

emporio armani emporio armani2 emporio armani3 emporio armani4 emporio armani5 emporio armani6 emporio armani7


versace versace2 versace3 versace4

Next stop is Paris Fashion Week and I can not wait to see all the different collections!

– Till Next Time


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