Happy National Handbag Day!

Today is the Third Annual National Handbag Day, probably the best holiday that could have ever been created! There is never a bad time to buy a new bag and never a time in someone’s life when they can say “I have enough handbags, I don’t need to buy a new one.” That would just be ludacris.

As for today being National Handbag Day there is no other way I would want to celebrate it then buying a new handbag of course. So, today I did just that and could not be anymore happier with my decision on buying the Mini Natasha by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs – Mini Natasha

I’m very excited to start using it and have already moved all my necessities into the new bag. It holds everything perfectly and still has a bit more room too. I fee like with this bag it is going to be perfect for everyday use. It holds everything that I need, it is perfect to just grab and go for the day, it can be worn crossbody, it’s super comfortable to carry, it is black so it will go with everything, and feels very sturdy and that it won’t get dirty easily. It also seems like the perfect bag to use at theme parks and on vacation. Now to actually go on vacation and put it to the test!

– Till Next Time

*Happy National Handbag Day and hope you have a wonderful day filled with beautiful handbags!*


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