For The Handbag Lover

If you’re a lover of handbags like myself, then you probably have a fear of something happening to yours while you are using it. That for me is one of my biggest fears in life and unfortunately one thing you can never control is the weather while you’re out. Living in Florida the weather is always unpredictable it could be a sunny day and end up raining all day or it could be an overcast day where the sky looks like it will open up any second, but not rain one drop. There has even been times when I have gone out and not use certain handbags because there was a chance of rain and I didn’t want to take a chance with my bag getting rained on. Never mind the fact I get pored on while leaving a store running for my car, just nothing better happen to my handbag while I’m doing so! Now there is a solution for those days that surprise you and rain all day or look like it will rain and you just want to be prepared incase it does and it is the Handbag Raincoat.

IMG_9711The Handbag Raincoat

Yes, you read that correctly it is called the Handbag Raincoat. It is the perfect invention that makes you wander why you didn’t even think of that.

The Handbag Raincoat even comes with a pouch to keep it in too so you can just grab it and throw it into your purse for the day. 

IMG_9712They come in three sizes: the mini ($25), midi ($28) and maxi ($30). They also come in six different styles.

This is the Raindrop style in the midi size and it is also the only one that has scalloped bottom. IMG_9719IMG_9992 

This is the Clear style in the maxi size.IMG_9716IMG_9870 

Also, for you monogram lovers out there you are now able to get them monogrammed!  It is only $12 extra to get your Handbag Raincoat personalized and they even have eight different color threads to chose from too for it. 

The Handbag Raincoat is the perfect gift to get for your mother, sister , daughter, friend….really for anybody! If you are a handbag lover then this is a must for you then, if not then it’s never a wrong time to at least take care of those handbags and keep them dry and safe. 

 – Till Next Time 


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