My DIY Vanity/Desk!

It seems like today makeup is more of a bigger thing then when I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong I still sometimes played in my mom’s makeup and would play around doing my friends makeup too. It just seems like there is way more different types of products now than back then. There is highlights, contour palettes, bronze, and of course you can’t forget the improved eyebrow pencil and eyebrow gel to get that “eyebrows on fleek” look. Of course, though that means to get that flawless look you now have a collection of makeup products that a  small cosmetic bag just won’t be enough for. Now, you need a nice place to keep all your makeup organized so when you do do your makeup your not having to search for that one eye shadow palette or that perfect shade of lipstick and wasting time. I’ve been there and it ends up with me being late where ever I’m going and my bathroom counter a mess with makeup and bags everywhere.

The solution: a vanity!  I know what you may be thinking that getting a vanity is not in the budget or you just don’t have room for one. If you don’t have room for one then I’m sorry, unfortunately I don’t have a solution for that one. Unless you have a desk then you could make that a desk/vanity because that is what I use mine for. Now, budget wise it doesn’t have to be as bad as you expect. I of course went onto Pinterest for ideas and then spent hours and hours searching for the perfect vanity/desk. I didn’t want anything to big because of the minimal space I had, I wanted drawers for storage and shelves if possible. I knew what I wanted , but couldn’t find it. Everything I was finding was either to big, or missing a feature I wanted or wasn’t the right color and then couldn’t even be painted because it wasn’t solid wood. Then if I did find something I liked, I didn’t like the price because good vanities/desks cost at least $200 to even $500 or even more. After hours of not finding anything and not wanting to settle my mom suggested checking Craigslist and finding a solid wood desk and just painting it the color I wanted. Within 10 minutes on Craigslist I found multiple desks I loved and the winning one being only $20! Yes $20! That was a deal that couldn’t be beat and it had everything I wanted. I bought it that day from the nicest lady. The desk was her son’s when he was a kid so it’s over 20 years old which makes me love it more because it has a story.


Now, fast forward through the sanding, priming and painting I now have a vanity/desk I’m in love with that was $20. Of course, it didn’t only cost $20 because of the supplies and decorations but when the desk itself costs that you definitely don’t mind having to get those things. I’m sure after all the supplies and decorations it cost less then what a completely done desk would cost because if a new desk cost $300 you then have to add to that a chair and decorations. Also, as cheesy as it my sound you get the awesome feeling of accomplishment from painting the desk and giving it a whole new look! Plus, if for some reason something happened to it I won’t have to be that mad because it was only $20 and not a $300 plus piece of furniture.

IMG_2410My room before.IMG_2415IMG_2483Priming and painting the desk.IMG_2607After it was done being painted I switched the knobs out for a different look which I got at Anthropologie. They have an amazing selection of gorgeous knobs.IMG_2544IMG_2600The mirror above the vanity/desk is actually just a frame that I found at a local Furniture & Decor Market for $40! Which then I had a mirror made and attached to the frame. It actually goes perfect with the middle knob on my desk. Wasn’t even planned.IMG_2617The makeup organizer I found at Bed Bath & Beyond and the makeup brush container I found on Amazon along with the plastic filler pellets for the container. They are the same type of plastic filler pellets that Sephora uses in their store to hold there products.IMG_2623I have this tri-fold mirror that my mom actually found on Amazon which has four types of lighting and can magnify 5x to help while applying my makeup and even has an outlet on it so I can attach a straight iron or a wand to do my hair. (So I think I might need to start doing my hair along with my makeup now)IMG_2597The chair I found at Ikea which is perfect for this desk.

Now, I have no excuses not to do my makeup more or to be late when I actually do my makeup.

– Till Next Time



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