The Beginning

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am very happy you stopped by or stumbled by…however you found this page I’m glad you did and are taking the time to read it. For over a year now I have been wanting to start a blog of my own, but I have always been too nervous to start it and didn’t even know where to begin. This year though, I wanted it to be my year I do things that I keep saying I would do and make my dreams a reality. I want to stop saying, “I want to do that” and instead just do it! So that is what I’m officially doing, starting my own blog and I’m completely nervous about it too!

The two things I am in love with and passionate about is traveling and fashion (handbags to be specific)! People think I’m weird because airports are one of my favorite places, it’s like going to Disney World for me. I even love going through security! If I could travel and be on the go 24/7 I’d be the happiest person ever!! So hopefully there will be a lot of traveling posts in the future. When it comes to fashion I just love it all. The colors, textures, shapes and patterns it’s just all so beautiful! When it comes to my style it does vary, but my favorite go to style is I love taking that one pretty piece for example a floral print skirt that is girly and edging it out. Making all the other pieces be a little more edgy and match it with converse and a band t-shirt. The best part too with fashion is there is really no wrong way to do it. One persons style and taste might not be the next persons, but doesn’t mean there isn’t another person out there that likes that style as well. You can take one article of clothing and match it up with different pieces to get completely different looks out of it, its all on how you want to interpret that article of clothing. This is just my style and looks I like that I see and that get me inspired. Some of the pieces you might love, some you might feel eh about and some you might not like. That’s okay though, I just hope they inspire you as they do for me!

– Till next time